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New INTELLIGENCE Teaser Trailer


And here’s a new teaser trailer for the upcoming CBS’ TV Show Intelligence which stars Josh Holloway in a leading role.

In this clip you’ll find out that Holloway isn’t LOST anymore! which means you’ll see some heroes from LOST! Actually, the trailer includes some scenes from LOST, Person Of Interest, Hawaii Five-0 and Intelligence.

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SCANDAL Promo Cast Photos


If you’re a real Scandal fan, you’re gonna love this promotional cast photos, even though you must wait until February 27th and the next episode of this great show.

Scandal season 3, episode 10 titled A Door Marked Exit was the last episode this year which ended with Vice President Sally killing her husband who had had an affair with Cyrus’ husband. We also saw Olivia discover her mother is the enemy – not Rowan.

But, eight episodes of the beloved Shonda Rhimes drama and more scandals are still to come!

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