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BELIEVE Teaser Trailers for Beginner’s Luck 1.02


I don’t know about you, but I really liked Believe pilot and the story with cute Bo helping the young doctor believe in himself by allowing him to understand that his father loves him, and by letting him know Senga (Agnes) is coming.

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SCANDAL Teaser Trailer for 3.13


Something is wrong! Everything is wrong! says Olivia Pope and that’s the signal that the things are really bad. That means Scandal will have an ultimate OMG moment…as always.

So, check out a teaser trailer for the 13th episode of Scandal, titled No Sun on the Horizon.

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REIGN Teaser Trailers for Dirty Laundry 1.14


A life-changing situation affects Mary and her new husband. What’s happening? Who tried to kill Bash? Oh, I guess it’s time to air some dirty laundry.

So, wait for the 14th episode of Reign which is titled, you guess, Dirty Laundry.

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HELIX Teaser Trailer, Clip, Photos from Fushigi 1.10


Ok, we better hurry, because it’s time for the tenth episode of Helix which is titled Fushigi.

This means we have for you to see a 4-minute clip, teaser trailer and hi-res photos from the episode with our heroes – Billy Campbell (Dr. Alan Farragut ), Kyra Zagorsky (Dr. Julia Walker), Jordan Hayes (Dr. Sarah Jordan),Hiroyuki Sanada (Dr. Hiroshi Hatake) and Meegwun Fairbrother (Daniel Aerov).

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New CRISIS Photos from the Pilot


We’re getting close to the Crisis pilot premiere, so NBC has finally revealed more photos from the episode.

Rand Ravich, Far Shariat and Phillip Noyce directed the pilot which stars Gillian Anderson as Meg Fitch, Dermot Mulroney as Thomas Gibson, Lance Gross as Agent Marcus Finley, Rachael Taylor as Agent Susie Dunn and Halston Sage as Amber Fitch.

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