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TRUE DETECTIVE Teaser Trailer for 1.07

True Detective

We left something undone – says Rust Cohle. But will he convince Hart to fix things?

What did Marty see at the end of this teaser trailer? Yeah, he’ll convince him for sure.

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New GAME OF THRONES Poster for Season 4

Game of Thrones

After we posted 18 character posters for Game of Thrones, it’s time for a brand new poster for the fourth season of the show.

Instead Valar Morghulis tag line in the High Valyrian language, you’ll notice this one is in English and says the same – All Men Must Die.

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HANNIBAL Clips from the First Episode Season 2


Are you ready for more perfect Mads Mikkelsen performance as the titular cannibal? Of course you are. So, it’s finally time for the Hannibal second season to start!

Now, we’re here today to share with you the opening scene from the first episode of season two and one more clip titled What’s to Come.

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New GAME OF THRONES Character Posters Season 4

Game of Thrones

We’re getting close to the Game of Thrones Season 4 premiere, so HBO has released 18 new character posters and three teaser trailers for the upcoming season.

You’ll notice that each of the posters is inscribed with Valar Morghulis which means All Men Must Die in the High Valyrian language. Check them out!

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HELIX Clip, Trailer and Photos from Bloodline 1.08


Julia is so cute and funny, and she looks better than ever – at least she claims that – in this 4-minute clip from the eight episode of Helix titled Bloodline.

Oh, and I’m so in love with her flashy-silver eyes.

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